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Condominium / Co-Ownership Management

At XY Real Estate Management, we believe in providing the co-owners with an organized and efficient business structure for their condominiums. Let us explain how we can help and support you.

- Provisional budgets arrangement and proposal.

- Distribution of costs between the co-owners according to their shares.

- Creating and providing notices of assessment (condo fees and special dues).

- Perception of condo fees and special dues to the co-owners.

- Sending necessary reminders for unpaid condo fees (recovery).

- Deposits of condo fees payments directly into the syndicate's bank account (first of the month).

- Accurate and efficient bookkeeping.

- Production of annual financial statements (income statements, balance sheets, bank reconciliations, and additional notes).

- Condominium’s bills payments.

- Monthly reports sent by email to the directors (changes in the financial situation, recommendations, and follow-ups).

- Management of the bank accounts and current operations of the union.

- Filing and archiving of finance and accounting records.

- Project Management / Needs Determination / Obtaining 3 Submissions / Recommendations to Administrators / Contract Award.

- Residential real estate brokerage services available.

And More!


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