Pleasure to work with

I would recommend XY Real Estate Management to anyone. They have efficient, friendly staff and truly a pleasure to work with.

Confident in their Excellent Service

Quick service and great attentiveness. I spoke with the property manager in Ottawa since I was inquiring about rentals and he provided me with many options and explained the whole process of renting. I really appreciate the effort. They are reliable, efficient, and diligent. I am confident in their excellent service. Thank you!!

Highly Recommend XY

I enlisted the services of XY Real Estate Management to take over the management of my properties close to 5 months ago. At first, I was skeptical of property management companies but decided to give it a chance. First, I met with Alex who gave me a detailed summary of what he intended to do in regard to the management of my units.

Within these first few months, XY has already done an excellent job of weeding out trouble tenants and bringing in new high-quality tenants in their place. In addition, XY has increased my revenue coming in every month while at the same time conducting maintenance to keep my properties performing well going forward.

Probably most important out of all the benefits is the fact that I now have my time back to be able to focus on other projects while having the peace of mind that my properties are being managed well. I would highly recommend XY and Alex to anyone looking for property management services in Ottawa.


Professional & Friendly

Professional yet friendly staff. Dedicated to meeting all your needs.

Very Good Service

Very good service, listening to my needs. I find that the prices are very reasonable!

Extremely Helpful

The Leasing team was extremely helpful, very dedicated, and perseverent in finding the right home for individuals. I would really highly recommend it!

Amazing Company

Amazing company, their service makes it so much easier!

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